PT ARAKUNDO Merupakan sister company ditunjuk sebagai Main Distributor dari EDLY Castors and Wheels.



EDLY Castors and Wheels

Made in Indonesia

( Quality applied based on British Standard BS EN 12527:1999 )

EDLY Castors and Wheels is a pioneer of Castor and Wheel which is produced in Indonesia by PT. Edly Kreasi, located in Bogor. The Company first started their production in 1999 and has been the main player in the local market, as well as international market such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Pakistan.


PT Arakundo, their sister company, has been appointed as the main distributor in Indonesia.


To maintain a high standard quality, EDLY Castors and Wheels have implemented testing based on the British Standard BS EN 12527:1999.

Being a local produce gives us a lot of advantages, such as:

1. Stock availability

2. Very competitive price

3. Efficiency in delivery time frame

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